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Mud Volcanoes and Dolphin Shows

After Cartagena we took a long bus to Santa Marta (with no toilet stops, it was traumatic) where we met an incredibly ignorant (in more ways than one) English couple who told us that they had absolutely hated beautiful Cartagena (they were also incredibly racist brexiteers, so what do they know…). I loved the town… Continue reading Mud Volcanoes and Dolphin Shows


Raspberry and blueberry cake with manjar meringue buttercream

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading nothing but Jorge Luis Borges (or Bae-ges, as I prefer to call him) whilst I commute in and out of London (and then moan about it as much as possible), so I decided it was about time I mention him on my blog. Those who know me well enough… Continue reading Raspberry and blueberry cake with manjar meringue buttercream

travelling · Year abroad

Cartagena de Indias

After two weeks in quite dingy Central American towns (Costa Rica, you are beautiful, but your urban areas are not), I was so excited to land in Colombia’s stunning Cartagena. This walled town was “officially” founded 1533, but obviously indigenous groups had peacefully and happily lived there for thousands of years prior to the Spanish… Continue reading Cartagena de Indias